Environmental Scanning

In today’s highly competitive academic marketplace, institutions must understand their prospective clienteles as well as the local, regional, and global communities they serve. Key elements include population change and migration patterns.

Ayers Saint Gross gathered data from the U.S. Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics, and created visuals representing these statistics to help institutions identify trends applicable to prospective student populations and the geographic areas they support.

These scans are open sourced and available to everyone. Additionally, we offer environmental scanning research services to help institutions understand what drives the needs of students and industries to effectively shape curriculums, operations, and growth.

In 2017, we released our first two data scans:

  • National Demographics depicts population change by state including net migration, identifying potential student populations.
  • Occupations by Degree highlights the relationship between STEM and non-STEM degrees, and job placement by industry. Over time this data will show hiring patterns in relevant industries and anticipated changes in specific job markets.

Population Change

*National Data
*Top 5 Data
Total Population Change
Natural Increase
Occupations by Degree

Occupations by Degree

*Data is 2012
Arts Humanities & OtherNon-STEM%STEM%TOTAL
Communications 1,642,22094.7%91,3805.3%1,733,600
Other (e.g. Criminal Justice Social Work) 2,243,71096.1%91,3103.9%2,335,020
Liberal Arts & History 1,810,62594.5%104,8405.5%1,915,465
Literature & Languages 1,518,26094.7%84,1705.3%1,602,430
Visual & Performing Arts 1,608,41094.8%88,1705.2%1,696,580
TOTAL 8,823,22595.0%459,8705.0%9,283,095
Business 8,540,18093.5%591,5606.5%9,131,740
TOTAL 8,540,18093.5%591,5606.5%9,131,740
Education 4,390,47098.2%81,3301.8%4,471,800
TOTAL 4,390,47098.2%81,3301.8%4,471,800
Science & EngineeringNon-STEM%STEM%TOTAL
Biological Agricultural & Environmental Sciences 2,350,92085.3%404,57014.7%2,755,490
Engineering 1,688,12050.5%1,652,30549.5%3,340,425
Physical & Related Sciences 951,21573.6%341,27526.4%1,292,490
Psychology 1,798,43090.5%188,9909.5%1,987,420
TOTAL 6,788,68572.4%2,587,14027.6%9,375,825
Science & Engineering RelatedNon-STEM%STEM%TOTAL
Computers Mathematics & Statistics 995,64550.8%964,09049.2%1,959,735
Multidisciplinary Studies 252,83091.8%22,4458.2%275,275
Science & Engineering Related 3,710,32094%235,9856%3,946,305
Social Sciences 2,967,90092.8%228,9957.2%3,196,895
TOTAL 7,926,69584.5%1,451,51515.5%9,378,210
Grand Total 36,469,255 88 % 5,171,415 12 % 41,640,670