Adam Gross, FAIA

Adam is a principal of Ayers Saint Gross with more than 30 years of experience in planning and architectural design of various building types. He provides the broad design direction for the firm, and works in close collaboration with many of the firm’s long-standing clients. In addition, he has written and lectured extensively on urban design, collegiate architecture and master planning. He has taught at several architectural schools, most recently as the Fay Jones Chair in Architecture at the University of Arkansas and the Kea Distinguished Professor of Architecture at the University of Maryland.


Jim Wheeler, AIA, LEED AP

Jim is president of Ayers Saint Gross and has more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of architecture. His responsibilities include business and financial management, and creating the firm’s nationally recognized Comparing Campuses Poster, a statistical database of more than 170 college and university campuses. He has written and lectured extensively on higher education trends for organizations such as the National Association of College and University Business Officers and Confederation of India Industry’s National Center of Education. In 2010, Jim received an International Business Leadership Award from the World Trade Center Institute.


Glenn Birx, FAIA, LEED AP

Glenn is a principal and vice president of Ayers Saint Gross with more than 30 years of experience. He leads the technical and management side of the firm, overseeing contracts, quality control, construction documents and administration. Glenn is a nationally recognized expert in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and has written, lectured and consulted on the benefits of the software. His longstanding contributions to the profession include serving as president and board member of the Maryland and Baltimore AIA. He helped steer a recent revision of the Architects’ Handbook of Professional Practice and wrote the chapter on defining project services.


Luanne Greene, AIA, LEED AP

Luanne is a principal and director of the campus planning studio at Ayers Saint Gross. With 25 years of design and planning experience, she is a strong advocate for smart and sustainable campus planning strategies that address the needs of campus and community. Luanne has worked with numerous colleges and universities across the nation, including: Johns Hopkins University; the University of Maryland, Baltimore; the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Wake Forest University; the University of Georgia; the University of Wisconsin, Madison; the University of Delaware; and Washington University in St. Louis.


Eric Moss, AIA, LEED AP

Eric is a principal and director of the student life studio at Ayers Saint Gross. With 26 years of experience, he is dedicated to the design and management of residential, dining, fitness and student union facilities on campuses. Eric has worked with numerous colleges and universities across the nation, including Emory University and the universities of Delaware, Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia. In addition to design, he undertakes strategic planning and programming for most of the residence halls completed by the firm. Eric regularly lectures on student life facilities for the Association of College and University Housing Officers and other professional organizations.


Earl Purdue, AIA, LEED AP

Earl is a principal at Ayers Saint Gross with 24 years of experience in all phases of architectural practice. He specializes in the programming and design of academic teaching facilities, including business and law schools, and science centers. In recent years, Earl has developed a nationally recognized expertise in the design of nursing schools, having completed such facilities for Duke University, the University of Missouri in St. Louis, Emory University, Johns Hopkins University, the University of West Georgia and Missouri Baptist University. In addition to teaching facilities, he has designed performing arts centers and chiller plants on university campuses.


Scott Vieth, AIA, LEED AP

Scott is a principal at Ayers Saint Gross with more than 20 years of experience. His design portfolio includes new construction and renovations of a wide variety of academic facilities. He has created a conference center and a garage for Howard Community College, an art school for Kent State University and a clinic at Emory University. As a project designer, Scott thoughtfully listens to the goals set by his clients, considers the needs of the project and interprets the context of the site as he develops his concepts.


Bill Skelsey, PLA, LEED AP

Bill is a principal of the Washington, DC office of Ayers Saint Gross with more than 20 years of experience in architecture, landscape architecture and planning. His international portfolio includes four United States embassy compounds, including one in Abu Dhabi, the first US embassy to achieve LEED certification. Bill’s current work abroad includes two major projects in Saudi Arabia for the Arriyadh Development Authority. In Riyadh, he is revitalizing the historic Al Doho Quarter as a mixed-use development and in Atturaif, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is preserving mud-brick ruins as a cultural tourism destination.


Matt Poe, AIA, LEED AP

Matt is a principal at Ayers Saint Gross with more than 25 years of experience. He provides direction to project teams during all phases of the planning and design process. Matt’s diverse work includes master planning for Harvard University, urban planning for downtown Baltimore and designing business schools for the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University. Prior to joining the firm, he designed major commercial projects in Washington, DC and academic buildings for the University of North Carolina, among other commissions.



Ed is a principal at Ayers Saint Gross with more than 25 years of experience in the planning and design of academic buildings. He has worked on projects at the University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, University of Virginia, Howard Community College and other institutions. In addition to design, his responsibilities include planning, programming, facilitating public process and project management. Ed has served as president and board member of the Maryland and Baltimore AIA, a member of Maryland’s architectural review board and an advisor to the University of Maryland ‘s school of architecture.


Jack Black, AIA, LEED AP

Jack is a principal who runs the Tempe, Arizona office of Ayers Saint Gross. He has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of architecture, from planning to design and construction. Jack has worked with clients from various sectors, including higher education, government, cultural and commercial, on a wide range of building types. Among his Arizona projects are the University of Arizona’s health sciences education and biomedical building in Phoenix and the High Country Conference Center in Flagstaff.


Adam Glaser, AIA, LEED AP

Adam is a principal with more than 25 years of experience in architecture and planning. He specializes in mixed-use, science-based design for research universities and anchor institutions. Adam’s work encompasses a wide range of projects for numerous clients including the University of California, Berkeley, Pennsylvania State University, Wexford Equities, Forest City Enterprises, Pfizer and Amgen. He has also taught design at several institutions, including Washington University in St. Louis and at the University of Pennsylvania. Deeply committed to urbanism, Adam has served as a resource for the Mayor’s Institute on City Design and is involved in university-based initiatives with the Association of University Research Parks and the Urban Land Institute.


Lisa Keith

Lisa is a principal with more than 20 years of experience in planning for K-12 schools, colleges and universities. She specializes in helping organizations maximize their potential by providing them with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about allocating their resources. Her skills include conducting space needs analyses; creating facilities inventories; analyzing classroom and laboratory utilization; developing space guidelines; assessing educational adequacy; pre-design programming; and programming software applications for planning, facilities inventory management and capital project prioritization. Lisa has worked on more than 250 campuses nationally and internationally.


Tom Lee, CPA

Tom is the Chief Financial Officer of Ayers Saint Gross. He is responsible for planning and managing the firm’s financial activities to help the company expand its business and execute its strategic initiatives. Tom has 25 years of diverse business experience in architecture, real estate and construction. His expertise ranges from assisting in ownership transitioning to business modeling and software implementation. Tom is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and is active in several community youth athletic organizations.


Kevin King, AIA, LEED AP

Kevin is an associate principal at Ayers Saint Gross with more than 24 years of experience in architecture and planning He has led planning efforts on more than a dozen campuses, ranging from small private colleges to large public universities. His work includes establishing a new vision for a waterfront campus at Eckerd College, relocating healthcare facilities at Emory University and removing cars to create a pedestrian-friendly precinct at the Medical University of South Carolina. Kevin’s creative efforts have been rewarded with awards from the Congress for the New Urbanism, National Wildlife Federation and other organizations.


Glenn Neighbors, AIA, LEED AP

Glenn is an associate principal at Ayers Saint Gross with more than 27 years of experience in architecture and planning. He is a versatile designer who has worked on a myriad of projects, from campus master plans to visitor centers and libraries. One of his specialties is creating plans and building designs for college and university art schools, including the Maryland Institute, College of Art; Ringling College of Art and Design; and Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University.


Mike Barber, AIA, LEED AP

Mike is an associate principal at Ayers Saint Gross and has more than 23 years of experience in all phases of architecture, with an expertise in project management of academic buildings. He is an exceptional project manager who has a proven track record in supervising multiple projects with complex requirements, tight deadlines and significant budgetary constraints. Among his successes are the law school at Rutgers University, the arts center at the University of Delaware and a new science facility at Loyola University Maryland. Mike is currently working with the German firm Behnisch Architekten to complete a new law school for the University of Baltimore.


Charley Greenland, Jr., AIA, LEED AP

Charley is an associate principal of Ayers Saint Gross with more than 36 years of experience in architecture. He has earned a reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget, leading him to focus on project management of academic and student life projects for universities and colleges. With his encyclopedic knowledge of professional standards and building types, Charley is a regular speaker at local and national conferences and a recognized expert in project management.


Jason Wilcoxon, AIA, LEED AP

Jason is an associate principal in the Washington, DC office of Ayers Saint Gross and has more than 10 years of experience in design, renovation and project management. As a leader, he actively mentors staff, supervises internal planning and develops business for the firm. Jason’s extensive experience with the General Services Administration and other federal agencies is now being applied to projects in Saudi Arabia. He is currently the project manager and co-designer of the Al Doho Quarter Renewal, a government-sponsored, mixed-use development in Riyadh.


Jamie Barnett, SEGD

Jamie is an associate principal and leader of the graphic design studio at Ayers Saint Gross. She guides the development of two- and three-dimensional graphic solutions for institutional, cultural and commercial clients. She directs the creative strategy for project types, including environmental graphic design, signage, print, web, identity, and integrated brand strategy. Jamie’s projects include signage design and wayfinding master plans for the University of Scranton, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation and others.


Karla Aghajanian, AICP, LEED AP

Karla is an associate principal with expertise in planning, land use and development, and historic preservation. Her communication and management skills have contributed to interdisciplinary team-building and the successful implementation of master plans. Karla’s experience includes building long-term relationships with clients at academic and cultural institutions, including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Smithsonian Institution and the National Park Service. She is a member of the American Planning Association and serves on the board of the 1000 Friends of Maryland.


Dennis Lynch, AIA, LEED AP, CDT

Dennis is an associate principal with experience in all phases of architecture. His dedication to project management and sustainability has contributed to the success of academic buildings and student housing at several universities. Among his LEED-certified projects are award-winning freshman residence halls at Emory University and the Teacher Education and Technology Center at Salisbury University. Dennis has shared his expertise at numerous conferences and workshops, and written on sustainable design for the Journal of Green Building.


Andrew Watkins, AIA, LEED AP

Andrew is an associate principal at Ayers Saint Gross with experience in all phases of architecture for institutional clients. He has worked as a project manager and project architect on business, engineering, law and nursing schools, and academic and science buildings at leading colleges and universities. Andrew is one of the firm’s most knowledgeable architects in the application of building information modeling (BIM) technologies and an expert in Autodesk Revit. He applies this skill to create comprehensive technical documents and communicate effectively with project teams, construction managers and clients.


Jonathan Ceci, PLA, LEED AP

Jonathan is an associate principal and director of the landscape architecture studio at Ayers Saint Gross. He is responsible for creating vibrant landscapes on former industrial sites, historic properties and the campuses of colleges and universities across the country. His work demonstrates an appreciation of regional distinctions through native materials, site-specific plant palettes and local landscape typologies. He is committed to sustainability and design excellence in every type of setting, from historic to contemporary.


Kevin Petersen, AIA, LEED AP

Kevin is an associate principal who focuses on developing creative planning solutions and realistic implementation strategies. He engages clients through a hands-on process integrating graphic and data analyses, comprehensive problem-solving and design excellence. Kevin has helped educational institutions to make better use of space to leverage inter-disciplinary collaboration, improve efficiency and strengthen their campuses. Over the past decade, he has led strategic facility planning, space use analysis and programming, campus master planning and architectural design efforts on campuses throughout the United States and internationally.


Melissa Lynch, PHR

Melissa is a senior associate of Ayers Saint Gross and human resources manager of the firm. She is responsible for overseeing the personnel and operations of the practice, including hiring and staffing, and managing insurance benefits, payroll, office equipment, telecommunications and special events. Melissa earned professional certification in 2008 from the Society for Human Resources Management.