“No one single thing can be considered in isolation.” Adam Gross discusses his thoughts and takeaways from the Design Futures Council Conference. His topics include sustainability, integrated practice, and the future of the education of architecture.


Ayers Saint Gross’ Baltimore office makes a cameo in this exciting video by Downtown Partnership to promote living, working, and playing in Baltimore City.


Adam Gross joins Jeff Salkin on Direct Connection to discuss the history and future of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, through our Inner Harbor 2.0 Master Plan. Adam and Jeff talk in depth about the options for the pedestrian bridge that links Rash Field with Pier 5. They also discuss our Amtrak Corridor master plan, which would “Green the Tracks” to create a better first impression of Baltimore City for people arriving via train.


Six professionals share their perspectives on design.


Brian Russell and Andrew Watkins presented at the Autodesk University conference in Las Vegas. The discussion was about the ways in which Ayers Saint Gross leverages the capabilities of Autodesk’s Building Design Suite.


In honor of Earth Day, fourteen volunteers from Ayers Saint Gross had the unique opportunity to help build twenty three floating wetlands that will be planted and launched into the Inner Harbor on April 20th. Spearheaded by Living Classrooms and Biohabitats, the project will support Baltimore City’s effort to make The Harbor swimmable and fishable by 2020.


From the outset, the team delivering the 268,000-sq.-ft. Arizona Board of Regents’ Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB) project on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus was focused on finding the most inventive solutions to overcome enormous challenges in constructing this noteworthy project.


Following a transformative master plan, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recently undertook the most ambitious building campaign in its history. The university chancellor and planner who led this effort explain in this video how they engaged and collaborated with diverse groups during the planning process to ensure successful campus growth and renewal.


Like an artist’s canvas, the Art and Design Building at George Mason University supports the creative process. In this video, the architect and the fine arts faculty member discuss the inspiration for the project and how the light-filled spaces of this contemporary building energize art-making and pay dividends to the students.


Emory University spent nine years envisioning a residential village at the core of its campus. The university official and architect responsible for this first-year housing explain how its six buildings enrich the freshman experience at Emory, from demonstrating green technologies to creating a sense of community.

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