On-campus living is an important part of undergraduate life for many students, but the specific details of that experience vary greatly among college and university campuses. Ayers Saint Gross believes that since each institution is different, the design of residence life facilities must respond accordingly to define and enhance campus culture.


Colleges and universities across the country are increasingly investing significant resources in the design of environments supportive of how students learn…


“We like to think that we are good listeners and have no preconceived notions, but each project has its own unique considerations…”


In these challenging times, renovating existing facilities is more important than ever. To help you meet this mission we have compiled a series of case studies that demonstrate the economic…

New Life for Old Buildings

2.2 billion gross square feet of space on U.S. campuses were built before 1970. For maturing campuses, that means maintaining the functional stature of aging buildings in the context…